CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690
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CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690

SIMETT is a leading manufacturer of advanced CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690, renowned for its commitment to precision engineering and the production of high-quality, reliable machines. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, SIMETT has established itself as a go-to source for CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 that are designed to exceed the expectations of professional manufacturers.

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Product Description

The CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 is a testament to SIMETT's dedication to excellence in machine tool technology. This advanced machining center is designed for high-speed, high-precision operations, offering a range of features that cater to the needs of professional workshops and manufacturers.

Product Specifications
Machine Name: CNC Vertical Machining Center
Machine Model: SMTVMC-1690
*-A*is Travel (mm): 1600
Y-A*is Travel (mm): 900
Z-A*is Travel (mm): 630
The distance from bottom of spindle to table top (mm): 160~790
Table Top:
The area of table top (mm): 1800*900
The Ma*. Loading Weight (kgf): 1600
T-Shape Groove (W*NO.*p) (mm): 22*5*165
Spindle Taper: BT50
Spindle Speed (rpm): 8000
The diameter of spindle bush (mm): Φ190
The power of spindle (kW): 15/ 18.5
The driving type of spindle: Belt-driven
The couterweight of Z-A*is: Nitrogen Balancing Cylinder Block
Feed Speed:
The speed of */Y/Z-A*is (m/min): 20/20/12
The speed of cutting feed (mm/min): 1-8000
Min. input unit (mm): 0.001
The power of servomotor of */Y/Z-A*is (kW): 3/3/3
The width of */Y/Z-A*is guideway (mm): 55/45
The type of */Y-A*is guideway: Roller Guideway
The type of Z-A*is guideway: Hard guideway
Automatic Blade Changing:
Cutting Tools Number (pcs): 24
Shank bolt: P-50T(45°)
Ma*. cutting tool weight (kg): 18
Ma*. cutting tool length (mm): 300
Ma*. cutting tool diameter (mm): Φ112
Ma*. diameter between two cutting tools (mm): Φ200
The Time of tool changing (T to T)  (sec): 5
The type of tool changing: Twin Arm with Gripper
Positioning Precision (mm): 0.015
Repeat-Positioning Precision (mm): 0.008
Site Area (length*width) (mm): 4800*3500
Ma*. height of machine (mm): 3500
Machine weight (kg): 12000
Air Pressure (bar): 6~8
Electricity capacity (kVA): 35

Accessories:  "√" means the standard accessories; "*" means the NOT AVAILABLE accessories; "O" means the optional accessories
Standard Accessories:
The hear e*changer of electrical bo*
Pre-pulled screw of Triple-a*is
Unclamping unit
Automatic Oil Feeding Lubricatinig Device
All cover chip-free metal plate Cover
Dust-free device of electrical bo*
chip-free device with air curtain of the bottom of spindle
Machine interior light
Tricolor warning light
rigidty tapping
Foundation screw and block
operating and maintenance manual
Tool kit
Types of spindle
belt-driven type 6000rpm
belt-driven type 8000rpm O
belt-driven type 10000rpm *
belt-driven type 12000rpm *
integrated motor type 12000rpm *
integrated motor type 15000rpm *
two-stage gear bo* 6000rpm O
Oil cooler of spindle
CTS system O
Control System
Cooling system
Cutting fluid cooling system O
Spindle cooling ring
workpiece blowing
Chip conveying system
base chip-flushing function
Top cover shower function O
flushing water gun/ air gun
chip conveying machine O
Oil-water separation system
specific gravity type Oil-water separation device
Circle pad type Oil-water separation device O
Lubricating system
Automatic Oil Feeding Lubricatinig Device
Automatic Grease Feeding Lubricatinig Device O
BT40 Shank specification *
BT50 Shank specification
HSK Shank specification O
24T disc type tool magazine
30T disc type tool magazine O
Error compensation system
*/Y-A*is grating ruler O
*/Y/Z-A*is grating ruler O
Electrical system accessories
Safety Door Security Device O
Safety Door Security Device (CE) O
Automatic contact breaking system
The heat e*changer of electrical bo*
The cooling air motor of electrical bo* O
Cutting tool/ workpiece detective system
Automatic cutting tool length detector O
Tool failure detector O
Workpiece detector O
Other Optional Accessories
No. 4 (4/5) A*is O
Column overlength O
Automatic safety door O
Protective metal plate

T-Slot Specifications: The CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 is equipped with T-slots measuring 22mm in width, 5 in number, and spaced 165mm apart, providing a versatile and secure platform for workpiece fixtures.
High-Speed Spindle Rotation: Capable of reaching 8000 RPM, the main spindle is perfect for high-speed machining applications and offers the flexibility to work with a variety of materials.
Rapid Axis Movement: The axes of the CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 are designed for quick movement with speeds of 20M/MIN for the X and Y axes, and 12M/MIN for the Z axis, enhancing productivity with rapid tool path execution.
Z-Axis Counterweight System: The use of a Nitrogen Balancing Cylinder Block in the Z-axis ensures stability and precision, making it suitable for heavy-duty operations.
Spindle Head Quill Diameter: The CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690's main spindle head features a quill diameter of Φ190mm, allowing for the use of larger tools and accommodating a broader range of machining tasks.
Variable Feed Rate: The feed rate is adjustable from 1 to 8000mm/MIN, offering the adaptability needed for both rough and finish cuts with high precision.
Advanced CNC Control: The latest CNC technology is integrated for automated and complex machining operations, ensuring high precision and repeatability.
Durable Construction: Built with top-quality materials, the CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 is designed for longevity and consistent performance in demanding environments.
Efficient Operation: The machine's design prioritizes energy efficiency and minimal downtime, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for professional use.
The CNC Vertical Machining Center 1690 is more than just a machine—it's a solution that empowers manufacturers to achieve new levels of precision and efficiency in their production processes.As SIMETT continues to innovate and grow, the company remains steadfast in its mission to provide high-quality, durable, and technologically advanced machinery. With a customer-centric approach, SIMETT aims to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions in the manufacturing industry. The company's vision is to continuously exceed industry standards and to be recognized as a leader in the development of advanced, high-performance machine tools that contribute to the success of its clients globally.

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