CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120
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CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120

With its exceptional precision, the SIMETT CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120 stands out in the industry and offers a variety of compelling benefits. Establishing trust in the marketplace has been a deliberate journey for SIMETT, achieved through a blend of reliable product performance, customer-centric support, continuous improvement in quality, and evolutionary innovation aligned with consumer expectations.

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Product Description

SIMETT CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120 saddle surface grinder is an example of high-precision engineering and has a number of unique features that make it stand out in the market.
Extended Processing Stroke:With a processing stroke of 550mm (X-axis) and 1300mm (Y-axis), the machine can accommodate larger workpieces, offering a broader range of processing capabilities suitable for a variety of industrial applications. High Precision Drive:The combination of a ball screw shaft and servo motor provides precise positioning and motion control, which is crucial for ensuring processing accuracy, especially in precision machining that requires high repeatability and stability.

Product Specifications
Machine Name: Column Surface Grinding Machine
Machine Model: CHYE-50120
Machining Capacity
Table top size (mm): 500*1200
Max. Travel (mm): 550*1300
The Max. distance of spindle center (mm): 700
The Max. load-bearing of table top (kg): 1100
The parallelism with table top (mm): 300:≤0.003mm
Roughness: Ra0.12
Left-right movement
Left-right guideway structure: Double V Hard guideway
Driven type: oil hydraulic
Speed (m/min): 3-25
Forward-backward movement
Forward-backward guideway structure: Line guideway
Driven type: Ball screw shaft + servo motor
Column Moving Type
Feed rate (per scale) (mm): 0.0005/0.005/0.05
MPG (per rotation) (mm): 0.05/0.5/5
Speed (mm/min): 0-1200
Up-down movement
Up-down guideway structure: Line guideway
Driven type: Ball screw shaft + servo motor
Feed rate (per scale) (mm): 0.0001/0.001/0.02
MPG (per rotation) (mm): 0.01/0.1/2
Speed (mm/min): 1200
The outside diameter of spindle (mm): 120
Sanding wheel size (mm): Φ400*Φ127*40
Spindle motor (KW): 7.5 (OP:11)
Working site area (length*width*height) (cm): 460*240*230
Packing size (length*width*height) (cm): 480*220*260
Net Weight (kg): 5400
Gross Weight (kg): 5800

Column Moving Design:The CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120's design where the column moves, rather than the table, means the grinding head moves up and down the column. This typically reduces potential errors caused by table movement, enhancing overall rigidity.
Large and Durable Wheel:The wheel size of Φ400Φ12740mm indicates that the CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120 is designed to withstand significant grinding loads while maintaining a long wheel life.
Powerful Spindle Motor:A 7.5KW spindle motor provides ample power to drive the grinding wheel for efficient and vigorous grinding, even for materials with higher hardness.
High Rigidity Structure:A high rigidity structure helps resist the forces generated during the grinding process, reducing deformation and vibration. This is essential for maintaining processing accuracy and improving the surface quality of the workpiece.
Suitable for Heavy-Duty Machining:Designed to handle heavy-duty grinding tasks, the CNC Column Surface Grinding Machine 50120 can be used for processing large or heavy workpieces without losing precision or efficiency.
Warranty and After-Sales Service:Offering a warranty and after-sales service can reduce customer concerns, ensuring the machine operates stably over the long term and providing manufacturer support when problems arise.

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