Refining Precision in Your Manufacturing Process - SIMETT CNC Single Servo Drill Press ZK-09


The SIMETT CNC Single Servo Drill Press ZK-09 is a reliable piece of equipment that aims to improve your production standards with its solid precision, adaptability, and performance. It is a suitable option for businesses looking to refine their drilling and manufacturing processes.

High Accuracy for Reliable Results

The ZK-09 is designed for high accuracy, ensuring reliable results. Its single servo drive system has been developed for precision, suitable for a range of fine parts manufacturing from armarium to automotive. The ZK-09 is built to deliver consistent and dependable quality, reflecting a commitment to meeting industry standards.

User-Friendly Operation with Accessible Design

The ZK-09 offers user-friendly operation and an accessible design. Its straightforward control panel, designed with user accessibility in mind, makes the setup and operation of the machine relatively easy. Its adaptability is evident in its capacity to work with a range of materials and component sizes and its versatility makes it a useful tool in a variety of workshop environments.

Controlled Performance with Reliable Servo Motor Technology

The SIMETT CNC drill press offers controlled performance with reliable servo motor technology. Powered by a dependable servo motor, the machine provides users with a level of control that ensures drilling operations are executed with a degree of precision and consistency. The motor works according to the user's set parameters, adjusting the drilling speed and force to meet specific needs. The ZK-09 maintains a standard of quality throughout the process, which is important for maintaining industry standards.

Practical Maintenance with Modular Design

The ZK-09's modular design simplifies the maintenance process, making it easier to service and replace parts when necessary. This design helps to minimize downtime and ensures that your production continues with minimal interruptions, contributing to the efficiency of your business operations.

Efficient and Considerate Operation

The ZK-09 is designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring that it operates with reasonable power consumption without compromising on performance. This design not only considers the environmental impact but also contributes to operational cost savings for your business.

Safety and Automation Integrated

Safety is a key consideration in the ZK-09's design, with features that prioritize it and reduce the need for manual intervention. The automation of processes helps to minimize the risk of accidents, especially during repetitive or high-speed tasks. The ZK-09's automation also supports a more consistent and reliable production process, ensuring that safety and efficiency are aligned.


The SIMETT CNC Single Servo Drill Press ZK-09 is not just a machine of precision; it is also a model of adaptability. This flexibility is a testament to the machine's engineering, which allows it to transition seamlessly between different operations without compromising on the quality of output. The ZK-09's versatility is also evident in its ability to work with various materials, from softwoods and hardwoods to metals and plastics. Its single servo system ensures that the machine can adjust to the specific requirements of each material, providing the necessary force and speed for optimal results. Whether it's the delicate tapping of a small component or the robust drilling of a larger workpiece, the ZK-09 is up to the task

Q&A Session:

Q1: What is the main difference between a spindle with a JT6/ER20 dimension and one with an Mt2 dimension?

A1: The main differences lie in the taper size, tool holding capacity, compatibility, rigidity, application scope, and tool change speed:

-The JT6/ER20 spindle has a larger taper compared to the Mt2 spindle.

-The JT6/ER20 offers better rigidity and stability, which is beneficial for precision machining and can handle heavier cutting operations.

-The JT6/ER20 spindle is compatible with a broad range of tools designed to this standard, while the Mt2 spindle is only compatible with tools that fit the Mt2 taper.

-Industry standards and preferences can influence the choice of spindle taper. Some industries prefer the JT6/ER20 due to its widespread acceptance, while others use the Mt2 for specific applications or tooling preferences.

Q2: What should one consider when choosing between a JT6/ER20 spindle and an Mt2 spindle for a CNC machine?

A2: When choosing between a JT6/ER20 and an Mt2 spindle, one should consider the specific requirements of the machining tasks, the range of tools available, the need for precision and stability, the frequency and speed of tool changes, and any industry-specific standards or preferences.

Q3: What is the purpose of tool setting on a CNC Single Servo Drill Press?

A3: Tool setting ensures that the machine knows the exact position of the tool tip relative to the workpiece, which is critical for maintaining accuracy in drilling operations.

Q4: How do I prepare the CNC Single Servo Drill Press ZK-09 for tool setting?

A4: Before tool setting, ensure the machine is powered on and the control software is ready. The workpiece should be securely clamped in place, and the tool you intend to set should be installed in the spindle.

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