Top 5 Attachments for Your Benchtop Drill Press


Drill presses are incredibly powerful tools that do far more tasks than most people realize. Here are the best attachments for getting your money’s worth.

Owning a drill press makes a lot of fabrication projects easier, but most people never realize the full potential of their machines. There are hundreds of attachments you can add to your drill press to expand its capabilities. Discover our top five attachments for your benchtop drill press.

Mortising Attachment

Most people use their drill press to make holes for round screws, but did you know you can drill square holes, too? To do so, you’ll need what’s called a mortising attachment, which makes it possible to create mortises and tenons. While there are mortising attachments for handheld drills, you’ll get a much better result if you use a drill press.

Sanding Drum

Attachments give your drill press additional functions you might not otherwise realize it can have. If you’re not sure about investing in a belt sander, you might be able to use your drill press as a replacement. Most sanding drum attachments come in many different sizes, so you can find exactly the right one for your project. Plus, they tend to come in sets, so you’ll get more than one for your money.

Table Vise

When you’re drilling holes, you don’t want your workpiece moving around even a fraction of an inch. Attaching a vise to the drill table will help you keep your project steady while the machine is running. It also frees you from the temptation to hold the project with your hands near the drill bit.

Extendable Table

Benchtop drill presses are more compact than their standing counterparts, but that sometimes means you don’t have as much space to work with. Getting an extendable table will help tremendously since you can set the table to exactly the right size. Make sure to get one with tilting capability!

V Block

When you’re working with a drill press, it’s important not to put your hands anywhere near the drill bit. However, you also need your hands to hold pieces steady, especially round ones. The solution is to use a V block, which is a metal trough you can use to hold pipes and dowel rods steady and keep your hands clear of the danger zone.

We hope these top five attachments for your benchtop drill press give you some inspiration for your next project. Plus, they make great gift ideas for the metal and wood fabricators in your life.

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